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Electronic Submission Process (ESP)

Only active (have paid membership dues for the current calendar year and are listed as a member on our website) NABSSAR members may use this service. If your NABSSAR membership is a dual membership or a family membership, all uploads will be completed via a single electronic submission account.

Members meeting the requirements above may use our electronic submission service to upload the photos required for sheep registration and/or transfer and for any of our forms saved as a .pdf.

Note: The exception is open registry applications and paperwork which must still be hard copy and mailed to the address listed on the open registry form.

There is a charge for images to be printed by the Associated Sheep Registry (ASR). The cost is $0.50 per page. A page equals one (1) to four (4) photos per page and can be of different sheep. At this time, there is NOT a charge for any of the forms to be printed by the ASR.

Please also ALWAYS upload a completed work order and fee schedule form when items are sent via electronic submission. Fees may be paid via check, PayPal or by Credit Card (See the bottom of the work order and fee schedule form or call the ASR at 785-456-8500 and provide your CC information.). Work will not be completed until proper fees have been received by the ASR.

To use our service:
The 1st time, follow 1 and 2. Once your account has been initiated, simply use the Login Page button.

1. Use this button to send an e-mail to the NABSSAR secretary to be issued a unique User Name. Please use your e-mail account you have registered with the NABSSAR. The electronic service will only work for you when you use the correct e-mail address associated with your NABSSAR membership account. Each member has a unique User Name and must activate their own account to use the electronic submission service.

Obtain User Name

2. After you've obtained your User Name, use this button to set up your Initial Personal Password. This button can also be used if you've forgotten your password.

Create or Change Your Password

3. After you've created your Personal Password, use this button to gain access to the Image(s) / Form Upload page via the Login page.

Login Page

Images of Sheep :
Information & criteria for the images are as follows:


Mac Users:

Images are reviewed by a Board Member BEFORE they are forwarded to the ASR for printing. If they do not meet the criteria, they will not be forwarded and you will be notified to retake the photos. Please see this page proper head shot / ear tag photos requirements.

Please Note:
Membership data is provided by the ASR. The electronic submission database is updated monthly, typically during the second week of the month. If your name appears on the membership list, the electronic submission service will be available to you. If your NABSSAR membership is a dual membership or a family membership, all uploads will be completed via a single electronic submission account.

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