SEMO District Fair
6-13 September 2014
We had a great day at the Semo District Fair!

About the time I thought I was going to come unhinged on a judge because he did not know what a Babydoll Southdown Sheep looks like, and he judged poor Lambchop (our ewe) rather harshly because of it, Coleman Erwin seized an opportunity when he was showing Freckles to educate the judge to the breed. I was so proud!! And Freckles came away with Reserve Grand Champion!!!

Coleman has done it again!! He won the 4H-FFA Public Speaking Contest at the SEMO District Fair!!

He included in his speech that he is the proud owner of two Babydolls and that he has difficulty competing against other breeds due to their size, lack of knowledge of the breed, and that there is not a specific Babydoll class at the fair.

The judges asked questions after his speech. One judge asked him what needs to be done to regain the agriculture/animal emphasis at the fair, instead of focusing on rides and entertainment. Coleman responded that there needs to be more education with the children and that he spends his time at the fair educating families about the Babydoll breed and encouraging others to become involved with raising Babydolls. So Proud!!

And, yes, I have seen him do this many times. He will talk to the kids and the families as they pass by the pen. It's awesome!! Yes, he is a Junior Member of NABSSAR. He still has another year of high school but hopefully he can be considered for the NABSSAR scholarship next year!!

~ Kelly Erwin (Proud Mom!)

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