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Include this form with ALL work submitted.
The purpose of this form is to let the registrar's office know what work your are requesting they do and provides the cost to do so. It is in addition to other forms. A membership application/renewal form or a sheep registration form must be submitted, your requested work will not be completed if the required forms are not submitted. If the work is submitted separate from other work, regardless of how, i.e. mailed or electronically, include this form with each submittal! By doing so, you'll make it easier for the registrar's office to "marry" your paperwork.

New Members & Members Renewing
Required + the Work Order and Fee Schedule form


If your sheep's sire AND dam ARE registered with the NABSSAR, use the form below.
Transfer line is for first time transfers being completed at the same time as the initial registration.
Successive transfers use the transfer section on the back of the animal's Certificate of Registry (CoR).
International Members excluding Canada
If your sheep IS NOT registered with the NABSSAR, use the form below.

Click here if you need help filling out the NABSSAR Registration and Transfer Form.

Always include this form with your Registration and Transfer Form when a ram you did not own was the sire;
OR, if your ewe was pregnant when you purchased her. The ram must be registered with the NABSSAR.

All artificial insemination procedures, including embryo transplant, are done in full compliance with USDA (& other countries, as applies) rules and lambs are applying to be registered.

NOTE: ONLY NABSSAR registered rams & ewes may be used for semen and embryo donation. (International members contact us at for information on suitable donors.)


Feel free to use the Bill of Sale/Trade form if you haven't made one of your own. This form, or one similar, is for the seller to give to the buyer so he/she has "proof" they purchased the animal you sold them. This is especially important if the seller does not have the Certificate of Registry (CoR) in hand to provide to the buyer. If one chooses to use this form, be sure and have both the seller and the buyers sign it. Note: The seller should also sign each line in the section listing the livestock sold IF the animal was sold as registered and transferable as opposed to without a CoR.

Bill of Sale/Trade Word Document

Form in Word Document - click on link, download, save to your computer to use
Form in Adobe Fillable PDF - click on link, download, save to your computer to fill out

This is the form to use if you choose to participate in our Points Competition. Click on the form to open it and save it to print or click on the link below. See this page for more information.

Form in Word Document - click on link and save to your computer to use

Updated as of 03/2024